Albert E Moehring


Albert E. Moehring  

Albert Eduardus Moehring was born in Amsterdam, Holland (The Netherlands), son of Siemen R. Moehring, Opera Singer (Tenor), in The Netherlands and Toronto, Canada. The family immigrated to Toronto, Canada when Albert was a young boy of 8 years old. Albert Moehring is a pianist and conductor currently working and residing in Mexico.

Early Life

Moehring was born into a musical/artistic family, not only his Opera Singing father, but also related to the World Acclaimed Opera Diva Cristina Deutekom.  Additionally, his great uncle was a renowned sculptor in Belgium, Gustaaf Van den Meersche. He was exposed to the world of Opera from birth and himself began the Opera Theater life at age 10 when attending rehearsals with his father at the Canadian Opera Company (COC), Toronto, Canada. The very next year (at age 11), General Director Herman Geiger-Torel asked young Albert to become a member of the Canadian Opera Company. For many seasons Moehring’s repertoire of Opera grew as did his duties with the company, starting as a walk-on stage extra to stage management and score reader positions. This exposure with the COC allowed for direct studies with many acclaimed conductor’s and mentors from: Walter Susskind, Ernesto Barbini, Ettore Mazzoleni, Karl Ancerl, Leo Driehuys (Charlotte Symphony Orchestra) and George Crum, with the National Ballet of Canada.